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TRUNZ Water Systems (Switzerland)


Drinking Water                  for rural Villages & Islands

  • cost - efficient systems: low operation and lifecycle costs
  • simple operation: low technical skill requirements
  • sustainable solution: social, economical and ecological

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs 

  • improves economic development: jobs for locals
  • health improvement: less water borne diseases
  • sustainable solution: less expansive compared to diesel

Drinking Water                  for Tourism Industry

  • reliable operation: Swiss standards, ISO, CE certification
  • certified filter modules: virus and bacteria free, meets WHO regulations
  • long-term service support: local service partners

Drinking Water                  for Farming

  • reliable operation: Swiss standards, ISO, CE certification
  • low operations, maintenance costs: no consumables 
  • self sufficient units: independent operation, powered by renewal energy including battery back-up